So it's done

It's done. We submitted our "wish list" to uncle sam. Now it's in his/their hands for a month until we find out what nice or not so place we end up living. We took pretty much everything into consideration. We rated deployments, housing, job opportunities for me, family nearness, attractions, climate/temperature...all those things. We rated those in importance and then the answers were weighed. Our top 5 include: Alaska, Colorado Springs, Hawaii, Kentucky, Savannah, and El Paso. We changed up our list at the last minute in order after some serious talks about his job in certain areas and what we really wanted in life. We could get our first choice, our last, or even something that is not on our preference list that there are like 30 slots for (Ah....silly unwanted Fort Hood-where we just moved from). So we'll see but it's nice to be over and done with. We didn't have a great selection to choose from but I'm happy with what we did choose.

Our neighbors that we loved so much in the beginning? Got a 4 bedroom house and are now moving out. Blah. They do have 3 kiddos and one more on the way. But still we actually liked these guys. Oh well, *sigh*. Tomorrow is the big day I take little man to the doctor for his well baby checkup, and shots. It prolly will be a really hard, long weekend. Poor guy. Last time he got the shots he SOBBED for hours afterwards, then screamed for days because he didn't feel well. We're armed with tylenol and Motrin ready to go! I can't wait to see how big he is now..that will definetly be fun.

Okay. Tyke is screaming...ta ta!


Last few days have been pretty good. Had a good weekend and we finally made sense of the boxes. Our closet in the office will be full of boxes until further notice or something grander going on which I need to unload them. Until then, I think we might be able to say.."gasp"..."we're done with moving".

My days are filled with boredom really. I took up scrapbooking to ease the time, something I've done in the past..but now I have a better reason to do it, thanks to Lil' man who is asleep in a few rooms away. So I do things around the house, or blog int his case, during the naps, wait for the mail to come, sometimes read Harry Potter, Watch seseme street (for the kiddo of course), feed the kiddo, change the kiddo...all those things. He's a really good kid. He's really getting good at the just laying him in his crib wide awake, giving him his blankie and stuffed animal and him putting himself to sleep. He is also getting really good at going from the floor to crawl position in .02 seconds. Just can't figure out what to do with it after that.

Last night we went to Marks. Remember our favorite restaurant? Yeah it closed the day after I wrote that. But there is a good thing, there is another one down the road in the opposite direction in Louisville which is about 20 minutes or so away. We went there last night and OH was it good. I swear that is the best BBQ I've ever had. Definetly worth going if anyone ever comes to visit me.

Really getting tired of people dropping off the ends of the earth, but that is life I guess. You win some you loose some. That is why putting your heart out there is so hard sometimes.

Off to eat breakfast at 3pm in the afternoon!


Yesterday went a lot better then I thought it would! C got home later than we thought but we got ready, threw some kiddo toys in the car, and off to the picnic. A lot of guys were there, but the wives were there, which was exciting ;) They all had kiddos, 2 of them were pregnant, and all of them had older than Will kiddos (like 2-3 years old). We sat around, the guys played football, volleyball, and we just chated about life, how much homework the guys have, past duty stations. One of the girls came from Germany and that was really neat to get to talk to her about what was going on over there and what it was really like.

I made an appointment for W to go to the doctor today but I canceled later this afternoon. He had been fussy, and then of course he woke up like a jewel today, stopped pulling/digging in the ears, and seemed fine. He's been VERY grumpy this afternoon when he's playing/teething on toys, so it makes me wonder if we're getting another tooth or two! This is how it acted last time also. So I'm not sure, but I'm sitting here regretting the fact that I canceled the appointment....eek.

My countdown is on....till the weekend. Only a few more hours, C will be home, I'll cook some supper, and we'll actually get to have some fun, he'll get a break from work, I get a break from kiddo for a bit and things slow down for a few days. TGIF!!!!!!!!

This afternoon

Heading over to a picnic with C's unit this afternoon. Today is "Family day" after 1500 and so they get off and then they scheldule a picnic for all the guys to come in and bring your family to hang out. It's cool but I'd rather be spending my part of 'family day' at the house with my husband doing what we want to do instead of a required thing for them to do. He's had a hard with with tons of homework. He leaves at 5am and I don't see him till 6pm right now.

Last night I had the spouse orientation for 2 hours! It was rather long and I wish that they would of condensed the information. At least I know his scheldule. We have one dining out (formal), several family events where we get to drive the simulators and stuff, lots of coffees and family events. That makes this school better than the last one that we had to go through. Not many wives were in the last course.... I'm really glad that there are more wives, but the funny this is ...they are ALL pregnant pretty much. There are like 21 of us and like 15 are pregnant. It's crazy I tell you. A lot of them are from the units that just got back and all, which is cool. Many its their 2nd/3rd, 4th kiddos. We'll see how many friends I make here. I'm just not sure yet.

That's all from here. Gotta go get ready.

Job offerings

Wow- I just checked out the agency nursing positions here and got an offer for 44$ and hour! OMG that is so much more than Texas. I was making about 20$ an hour there. And I'll get to do ER and pretty much anything I want in some other areas. I make my own hours, work as much as I want and the hours I want. WOHOO! :)

SLeep baby Sleep!

The last few nights W has been having a hard time. 2 nights ago it was nightmares where her would sob and cry in his sleep, and of course I'd go wake him up before he was hysterical! He gets that way that he freaks out and cries and cries, and just sobs for hours afterwards if you don't fix it early. He peed in his bed because his diaper leaked, which meant a full changing in the middle of the night, which meant he was wide awake. He had some stomach issues too with lots of gas pain and such, so needless to say 2 nights ago I barely got any sleep. He's been super hard to put to sleep each time too. I've rocked and rocked, I've patted, rubbed, done it all. Last night took 2 1/2 hours to get him to sleep when he was obviously exhausted. We're going to have to start limiting the toys before bedtime I think. He gets so stimulated that he can't settle himself down. Once again I tried the crying it out option. It just doesn't work for us. He makes himself physcially sick. I would go back in, comfort him, for a minute, walk out...let him cry for about 5 minutes, and then he would look at me and cry when I came in, I patted him, etc....walk out and it was like bloody murder. I did this for a bit last night and the kid was a mess and it just hurt things in the longrun. I didn't pick him up or anything until 2 hours later and finally I rocked him to sleep. He fell asleep...laid him down, 10 minutes later he started wailing and crying. That is how he acts after I let him cry, he never settles and sleeps well. I did this for about the next 2 hours after that, and then he finally fell asleep and woke up a few times throughout the night, including a time where his diaper leaked AGAIN and a bedchange. I am running on about 5 hours from last night's sleep. I really still suspect something is going on and he isn't feeling that great because this isn't his norm.

C had lots of homework last night so it was just me trying to deal with everything, which makes it more difficult. Yesterday was a bad day all in all. Not only did my dogs bark and wake Will up the one time I got him to sleep and had hopes of sleeping past 6am (needless to say they got put up in their cages quickly), I allmost slipped on the floor....spilled a bottle, got some stupid phone cards with people being very rude on the phone, and then add hormonal splashes on top of that, and not feeling to great myself, it wasn't a very good day. I did get to talk to a dear friend that I felt like I haven't gotten to talk to in a really long time, and I think that made my week. I really miss them, like tons, and hopefully I'll get to see them soon. They are kinda my "out" when I have days like that and I just need a friend to talk to and though I didn't say much, just knowing they were there meant the world to me.

Today my day isn't really filled with very much different. I ordered some Creative memory things yesterday, so I'll be receiving those sometime in the next week hopefully and start my scrapbook for W. I've had such hopes of getting this scrapbook going for him and doing it for him and for us. I don't want it all to be forgotton.

Talking about my kiddo....he crawls in his sleep! In his crib he can cral and get up on all 4s. When he's awake though he gets up on all fours, literally with the feet on the ground, hands on the ground and he rocks back and forth. He can scoot backwards which is actually funny, but he can't go forward. Must be working on baby proofing the house/outlets etc, because he'll be zooming around pretty soon!

THat is about all going on from endless baby land. Will has to sleep sometime soon..and hopefully I'll get some sleep too.


So W is better today. He had a 102 temp when going to sleep but tylenol seemed to cover him okay for the rest of the night. We're going to begin something new with him, sign language. He gets really frustrated when he can't get us to understand what he wants, or when he wants to move and can't. I've heard success with several people after a few weeks they will sign "milk" or such and that would help out tons knowing what he wants. Studies show that kiddos can understand sign communication a lot earlier than they can express it vocally or understand words. We'll give it a try. :)

I'm so glad it's Friday. We stayed up late last night trying to get things together. C. had a huge presentation today, and I had to get his stuff washed for today, and then I was also anxious to stay up and wait for him to go to bed. We kinda go to bed together, so we got to bed about 1:30 am and then he had to get up at 5:30am for PT. Poor Kiddo. We're going to get some sleep this weekend and try to get the rest of the boxes out of the house. I think that would make us all a big happier. Yesterday afternoon I was quite productive and got about 1/2 of the office done (Which is a huge undertaking)

I have a few missions when I'm organizing the office. I'm going to start and start working on W Scrapbook. There is no reason not too. I need to find a good place to print digital photos bulk for free and basically print hundreds of photos and get the photo albums started too. With as many pics as I take I really need to start working on it before he gets older :) We are also going to get professional pics taken. We keep saying we would, but then something always happens, a scratch on the face, a baby grumpy, or just no time or money, so we're gunna go get them done. I can't wait to show off that non-gummy smile with the two bottom teeth now that you can see when he's a happy kiddo.

The drama of what to do about holidays is emerging. We haven't made any decision of who to spend what with. It really seems like every year it gets like this, except now it's different, there is a baby, a baby who will have a first Christmas, etc. C. thinks we should just celebrate with Santa and that's it. We might just do the personal family thing for Christmas day, and then visit family over the holidays? I really don't want to go home (for lack of a better word) and do that "big production" of Christmas. I'm glad some people have big productions, but I really dont' W. to grow up thinking Christmas is making yourself broke until you can't buy anything for your immediate family because everyone goes over the top. It's not about that, and I don't think I want him used to that. I am pretty sure we'll have "Santa", because that is fun. But I really don't agree with buying your kids 1000$ worth of toys, especially when you can't afford it. It's gotten so bad the last few christmas' that C. and I haven't been able to buy each other anything because we have so many family to buy for and we're broke by the end. SO I dont' think C and I have ever gotten each other anything for Christmas in fact...since we've been married. We're in a lot better shape money wise, but it's still a point of spoiling and having a gracious holiday and remembering why it's there.

So after that rant, I really don't know what we'll be doing. If we leave Kentucky, which we are logically assuming we won't get to stay here, we will be homeless again, and would of moved 4-5 days before. We have really considered Disney World, but then somehow figure that he isn't really old enough to remember, or enjoy it. But then if we wait we are prolly having another kiddo late next year, and then the little one wouldn't be old enough, so it kinda is like a cycle? We may just go someplace both of us want to go and do our own thing. I feel obligatory to family to visit them ____ # of times in a year. But I guess I have to learn that this is my immediate family and they come first. Chris and I have never really taken a vacation that didn't include family and going home to all that stress. It may include taking family or coinciding Christmas and family at a different location though. That might be fun. In other words, I HAVE NO CLUE what to do, just like every year. I just wish that the immediate parental families wouldn't put so much stress on us. *sigh*. There are certain people I want to spend holidays with. Our friends are most awesome, our brothers/sisters are awesome, but it just seems like there is always stress with the parents. Another result of divorce.

Anyway, that turned into a crazy rant. Can you say I can't wait for my weekend?

Oh yeah, Will FINALLY took baby food again about 5 minutes before he went down for nap. He's been on strike for 2 weeks now. We finally also gave him the waffle. It went great..the first 5 minutes. He chewed on it, and then maybe I have really thin waffles, but he Chomped down and got a half dollar size piece in his mouth. My kiddo is a master of making anything fit in his mouth. At that time C. & I both lounged towards him and did a mouth sweep to get it out. I'm thinking about trying those teething biscuits that just turn gummy and he can't crunch. The waffle was great until he took a chunk off and he hasn't figured out how to chew.

Anyway, gotta run and grab some food while Will is napping!


My kid screamed for hours last night. The only time he'd be happy and sleep more than 5 minutes was in my arms being rocked in the dark of his room. So needless to say I had to forego everything. I wonder if he is getting an ear infection? He's been pulling at those ears, waking a lot at night, and stuffy, sneezing, coughing, etc in the mornings. It could just be the teething woes, but I really don't know. We go for his Well baby Checkup in 2 weeks, so hopefully he'll make it till then. It really was a trying night and not very much sleep for mommy.

Besides that? We're up rolling this morning. C. had a huge test this morning so I let him get his sleep and he gets off earlier today so hopefully he can take the kiddo from me for some MUCH needed R&R time on my part.

That is one of the best places to eat...I swear. One of the soul reasons we were so excited to come back here to Kentucky. Ummmmm. We went there to eat last night when Chris had to pick up his car...and they were closed for remodeling. So I'm sure we'll hit it up sometime this weekend. We had to settle for McDonalds, which actually didn't taste good to me anymore...don't know. I think I'm becoming a Wendy's kid....hmm.

Guess who is screaming again...Ta ta

It's 1030am, do you know where...

Your kiddo is.. Yes! Asleep in his bed where he has been all night, minus a few wakings here or there. '

Okay I jinxed myself, he just woke up. LOL but still. He's now laying on his floor mat watching seseme street and drinking a bottle. He loves grover. He thinks he's really funny. That and elmo. So we broke down and bought my kiddo a tickle me elmo and cookie monster for like 5$ off of ebay. He thinks it's really funny.

SO I thought I would start my diet out right with breakfast cereal and milk. Go to pour the milk out of the container on my only cerreal left and it was half frozen, half spoiled and clumped at the top of the cereal. Even if it was still good I couldn't bring myself to eat it. There is not a single coke in the house either, which wasn't intended, but I guess that helps too.

Chris started school today which is cool but also means our vacation is over and most evenings are going to be different with all kinds of studying and me on baby duty for most evenings also. But he's home and I don't think his scheldule has him working a single weekend till freaking nice is that. The school issues them a laptop too....that's nifty.

Anyway, gotta go, W's in full playing form...can't miss this!


This weekend flew by WAY too fast. I can't believe it is over and my house is still a mess. I really did a lot of vegging this weekend, played way too many video games, and now another week will begin. C. starts school this week. In fact he's in there studying right now and reading all kinds of stuff. Tonight when we went school shoping I found out we were two different people. I would of grabbed all the cute things, a lot of pens/pencils and everything I might need. He got a black notebook, some pack of 12 pens for 1.03 and index cards..Lol. It's so funny but I guess since it is a military school .....:)

Tomorrow officially starts our diet. When we first got married, we went on weight watchers to try to loose some weight. Well I've gained a lot since we got married and even though I weigh a lot less then before I had Will (Thanks to my months of being SOOO sick), all my muscles are gone, so I actually wear bigger sizes of clothing which sucks. So we are going on weight watchers and going to start counting points and when we get the travel allowence we are going to buy a treadmill so we can start working out also in the house when little bit is sleeping. I get so distracted watching TV and it helps me a lot :)

W. cut his 2nd tooth this weekend. Poor guy, 2 teeth in one week. He's really been a mess today. I can't tell if it is because we changed his formula from soy to milk to see how it would go or if it is just the teething issue. He is still sleeping about 12 hours at night which a few times for a bottle in the middle of the night. He doesn't take much baby food right now. I figured when he's interested in it I'll push it more but I can't FORCE the kid to eat it. He clinches his mouth so tight and refuses to eat. He's a very picky child...I guess I deserve it for how picky I am in life.

Well off to unload more boxes and run laundry :)