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I've only heard from my mother. The rest of the family I can't get in contact with.

talked to my mom in hattiesburg. She is okay, had like 10 trees down in her yard and her other house in pass chrisitian right near the beach they are assuming is gone. My hometown got hit hard but no reporters are there, no phone calls, all I hear is our hospital was demonlished and had to stop accepting people and most of it is under water. After seeing the winds we all think it's pretty bad. Chris uncle at last minute had to go to Biloxi to get his mom, got stuck, went to a shelter, shelter collapsed, went back to her house in the middle of the storm, and it is a mile off the beach. Biloxi was flooded with 30 feet standing water, we haven't heard anything from then. We still have family in N.O. (New orleans) we haven't heard from, and are just waiting and worried. It's so sad, the places we took Will just a month or so ago are gone. The mcdonalds at the beach we ate at is now just posts, the casinos we saw famous people sing at are just wrecked, I spent all my proms down on that water. Spent a lot of time...and now it's mainly gone. Just waiting to hear from family. Memories are memories, material things can be replaced, but people can't be.
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