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Growing up

C is dealing with a 17 hour long mission today. Jeez I'm glad it isn't me. He's been preparing for this for like 4 weeks almost now. We'll both be glad when it's over. He left the house at 2:30am this morning and I won't see him until about midnight. Last night because C went to bed early, I stayed up and watched movies. I watched Ladder 49 last night. It is a REALLY good movie. Of course I cried because at one point the lady said that her biggest fear was the red car (The chief's car) pulling up in front of the house when he didn't come home from work on time. That sounded so military like. The year C spent in Iraq, that was my biggest fear, the white van. It happened up and down the street, you never knew when, but I jumped and my heart would stop beating everytime that the doorbell rang. I guess a lot of the services that people do like firefighter, police, military all carry their own risks and worries for the spouse. I'm not sure what it would be like to think my husband was going off to work and he was safe. Sure there are car accidents etc, but I haven't even been able to "not" be worried about a training accident, him being shot at, or just something hard happening. I'm not sure if I will ever get to feel that peace and not worry about that van. That is just part of the lifestyle and choices we made I suppose. At least with the other services you get support from the nation because you are doing something "good"...meanwhile people have mixed feelings about the war and what soldiers are doing and that can't settle well with the guys who are told to go do the job. Anyway so that was a good movie. The second one I stayed up till 2am to finish watching last night, Coach Carter. For one, let me say I'm gunna spoil something, so stop reading :)

Okay, so they didn't win the state championship. HOw great is that to show a real story in a movie. Since when do sports movies not win the ultimate goal. I really liked the way he handled the kids, though the lifestyle and way around them is foreign to me. I was lucky enough to grow up in a upper/middle class lifestyle, with a good school where I didn't have to worry about being shot or my safety on most occasions. That is my question though, how would it feel to grow up in that type of "threatening" in my opinion, society? It would scare me but if it is all I ever knew then I guess I would be used to it and not think of it. It really was an eye opener to me of what life is like in certain parts of the US. Very interesting movie!

C is gone all day today like I said so I am going to try to get some things done around the house. I'm not sure where my keys are and if they are locked in my car or not. Usually we just bring C's and I just put mine somewhere in the car, and I think I forgot to get them out. Its so much work getting the baby bag, baby, whatever you got at the store, and everything else in I guess I just forgot. So it looks like we'll be staying around most of the day :) Hopefully little skeeter will be a good kiddo today and help me around the house :)
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