angelkizzez (angelkizzez) wrote,

Our weekend

This weekend was a little less hectic than my week last week. C has been working tons and that doesn't help me out much around here. In a lot of ways I feel like a single parent with no family nearby. I just don't have friends here, don't have daycare/break, don't have help of support and adult convo/help except for C. And he is never home thanks to the grueling pace of school. This was suppossed to be our "break". I was suppossed to be able to have lots of family time, try to make up for what the army has already taken away from our family and relationship. Now I actually look forward to getting out of here!

This weekend was a little bit of a slower pace, though all today has been spent me and Will practically. That is how it is but I got one day to try to "train" him into how to take care of Will. I do it pretty much every weekend, then he has 5-6 nights off and W changes a lot in that timeframe, so I start over trying to teach him what makes him happy then. He is so good with W. but doesn't understand sometimes what he needs/wants because he isn't here very much. That is pretty much the pace of things from around here. It's hectic and crazy, but my life has never really been less.

I finished the second Harry Potter book. I've seen the movies but haven't engrossed myself into the book until lately. I'm not a huge reader unless I really enjoy the author but I must say I'm loving the heck out of the books. SOOO much better than the movies! (And I loved those too!). I have several books on my reading list, including the new ones from Robin Cook and Nicholas Spark and several more Harry Potters.

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office (I WILL remember my ATM card this time), try to beg people into letting him be in daycare so Chris and I can get out sometimes, and then I am going to start hanging things around the house. We have blank walls right now. I figure it is worth moving in for a few months..haha. There are boxes in closets, but out of sight and not stuff we really need right now. It's just mainly office things. I just want to finish getting my house in order then I can feel at peace. I miss my things around the house. And as soon as we get paid back for the move I plan on buying a bed. Our bed broke a few months before we moved so we just have been sleeping on a matress on the floor since like April. I miss a bed :( :( :(

Anyway, that is all from here. Hope everyone else had a restful weekend.
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