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I'm watching this mess go down on Foxnews with the Gaza retreat, protests, and standoffs. That is crazy. They are throwing sand and gasoline on the swat members. I feel sad for these people...not sure which side I agree with but it really is extreme. It really is crazy watching.

The next two weeks are pretty much insane for hubby. He has huge practicums and tests, and that leasves me to try to keep peace over here. W is being much better since his shots. He still has a huge bump on his leg where the shots were but that will even out in time. For a few nights he's had long stretches of sleep. He just gets SOOO hungry before he goes to sleep and throughout the night. Not sure why he gets so hungry at night. We load him up with food before bed and throughout the day, but trying to find the perfect formula for him. Had a GREAT weekend having time off, visiting with friends and enjoying life! It's amazing how a few days of rest can really revive you.

Last night we rearranged the living room again into a more child friendly arrangement which means cords out of W's way and also the TV is up higher. Also we have more play room in the middle of the room. I just need to get a really thick nice blanket for the floor I can just throw down. He keeps rolling over onto the hard wood floor even with a think blanket and hitting his head pretty hard.

Today we are getting a fence in..Woot! Finally I can kick my dogs out of the back and pretend that they are here, wait, let them have some nice sunshine, that's it! I'm excited ...they want so badly to go outside, but they really aren't safe with all the kiddos running around. I'm scared they will start to run after them. They are sweet dogs, but I dont' want to know what they would do if they got scared and ran off etc. I thought the fence was yesterday but stupid me didn't look at the calender.

I really have nothing to do today. I guess I'll pick up the house. Today is family day which means C gets off work early and more time for fun :)
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